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Club History

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Thankyou for your interest in BMBSCC, England's foremost club for Radio Controlled Banger Racing, which was established in December 1997.
Banger racing has been around for many years now, the idea of r/c Bangers was first thought of by Keith Dowsett & Simon Phillipsin the mid '90's. The Austin Westminster, Jaguar XJ6, Wolseley 6/110 Saloon & Hearse were then produced & the first meeting held for r/c Bangers were run at the Bognor Car Club.After several trips to the South Coast on a Monday night, it was decided that a club would be started for r/c bangers. There has always been a need for the sound of crunching metal, the smell of burning rubber etc, ask any true banger fan or driver who spend hours travelling to meetings or preparing cars just for a days entertainment of complete carnage. This is the same for radio controlled banger racing, but instead of metal you have plastic, but at the end result is the same, total carnage! The club was brought to Essex & established in December 1997 by Alec Quarman who has raced in all types of r/c formulas as well as full size bangers. He is the promoter for radio controlled banger racing in England & was helped in the early years by Scott Phillips & Emma Quarman. Since the early years the club has grown & so has the number of competitors taking part. The oval raceway has seen a few changes over the years, the oval is now 34ft long and 18ft wide & is now the only track to have fence posts & wire at both ends of the track/corners to help give an old banger stadium look aswell as providing some great entertainment & atmosphere for drivers & spectators alike.
BMBSCC/HQ has the latest R/C Timing computer software & AMB digital lap counting system so all races are run on laps not time. We regularly have vistors from all over the country to do battle & we hold most of the major Banger Championship titles across the country, aswell as frequent trips to other tracks.
Aswell as bangers we also do chain up racing where two cars are chained together, Small & Big Van Bangers, Junior & Ladies Championships, and popular Banger Team events to name just a few. Other formulas that take part are Saloon Stock & Mini/Retro Stocks.
You dont have to be an ex Banger driver to enjoy yourself. Our club welcomes any age group, from toddlers to OAP's. We also have wheelchair access. Most of our membership consists of entire families, while others just like to watch the action. There are always drivers willing to give advice on what you need to get started in oval racing, spares & body shells are also available trckside aswell as hot and cold food & refreshments & are available at all race meetings at very reasonable prices. The race meetings are generally kept to every other /saturday evening where possible, check out the fixture list on this website.