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Club Rules

It is the responsibility of drivers to conduct good behavior of themselves, mechanics, family & friends that may attend any meetings, the hall, track & car park are not a playground

Please keep any bad language to a minimum, you are in a church hall so please respect this rule.

All drivers must bring & use a suitable pit towel to cover the table & protect pit tables from solder burns & glue.

Keep your pit area clean & tidy after racing, penalty's will be given to constant offenders.

Please help tidy up after each meeting, we spend a lot of our own time bringing you these race meetings so please give a little bit back by helping to stay behind each meeting to pack away.

Practicing is to take place at the start of the meetings and you will need to ask permission from Race Control.

All practice is strictly NON CONTACT!!

No car should not enter the track without a bodyshell.

This rule applys to all formulas !.


Below are the construction rules, both for the RCBWS series & additional rules for for club meetings, please adhere to the rules.

To be able to race, we need construction rules so here they are:

Rc Banger World Series construction rules

1. Chassis

• It must be as per the standard 2mm Mardave ally chassis available in various anodised colours, hot rod chassis with rear lip, or the 3mm Kamtec/Large It/Tic ally chassis with the following limitations: -
• If left to the original kit length, the chassis must be used with a shell that is made to fit its size properly.
• Countersunk chassis and screw set may be used.
• Limousine chassis must be the same thickness as the alloy V12 (maximum 3mm) & must have the correct body shell to fit, maximum length for a Limousine chassis with body shell is 2 ½ ft.
• Any Limousine entered must represent a full counterpart.
• No GRP or Carbon chassis are permitted.
• Any sharp edges should be smoothed down out on the chassis.
• Rear extension plates are allowed, but should be no wider than the chassis and be no thicker than 3mm.
• No L shape extensions allowed
• No front extensions allowed

2. Top Decks

• Original Mardave alley top plate or GRP top plate maybe used, Kamtec or Large it ones are recommended
• Any top plate must not protrude any further forward than inline with the steering servo saver.
• The width of the top plate should not extend past the centreline of the wheels.
• Top plate must have a maximum 3mm thickness.
• No double decks.

3. Batteries

• Only 4 cell Sub C NiCads & ni-mh cells permitted.
• Matched or unmatched cells permitted.
• max 5000 Mah for heats and finals and max 3700 Mah for D/D.
• They must be covered in clear heat shrink or the manufacturers covering with identification clearly visible. Battery bars must be no wider than the battery.
• Only plastic or nylon battery retainers permitted no extra plates inside the car.

4. Speed controllers

• Mardave/Large It/Tamiya mechanical & resistor type speed controllers only.
• No Electronic Speedos (ESC).

5. Gears, Motor Pod & Axle

• 32dp pinion gears only. Pinions minimum.12tooth, max 18tooth.
• Only standard Mardave 50Tooth, 48Tooth & 46Tooth spur and the TIC 50Tooth gears to be used.
• Gear sleeves/clips are allowed on the Mardave gear arms.
• Derlin gears or Z Drives are not permitted.
• Standard Mardave or TIC axle can be used
• Ball races may only be used on the back axle.
• Standard Plastic Mardave or TIC motor pod only.
• No pod braces allowed or additional strengthening of the Motor pod.
• Any new release Gear, motor pod or axle hop up be agreed on by the rcBWS club reps before use

6. Wishbones, Steering arms & King Pins

• Steering arms can be standard or may be modified to the ball and link type.
• Wishbones are to be standard, either Mardave or TIC and must be hollow.
• No wishbone protectors or any other strengthening of wishbones.
• Front springs must be fitted.
• Only standard, hardened and stainless King pins allowed.
• No pipe to be fitted to kingpins.
• No adjustable kingpins to be fitted.
• No strut braces.
• Any new release wishbone, steering arm or king pin hop up be agreed on by the rcBWS club reps before use.

7. Inner Wings

• Kamtec inner wing kits only.
• Front Wings must be cut to replicate their full size counterpart.
• A small ABS bumper may be added to the front of the wings for realism, by using 2 small screws/bolts. These must be for decoration and not strengthening.
• Inner wings can be either body or chassis mounted.
• If it's body mounted then use 2 bolts through the body and a self tapping screw each side to pull the sills into the bottom of the wing.
• If it's chassis mounted then no more than four bolts to be used.
• No gluing of the wings
• Any new release inner wing kits to be agreed on by the rcBWS club reps before use.

8. Motors

• Mardave G1 & G2.
• Grapner 500 standard.
• Johnson 540 with plastic endbell.
• HPI Saturn 27T.
• Tamiya Mabuchi 540 Silver Can with black endbell.
• Hunter systems 27t.
• Ansmann clash 28t.
• Heat sinks can be fitted.
• Original label should remain intact and motor tabs remain untouched.
• Use of motor cleaning fluids and additives allowed.

9. Tyres

• Must be foam tyres.
• No tyre additives permitted.
• Any after market wheel must be of the same diameter as per Mardave V12, Kamtec, Contact Wheels, or TIC Bruno Wheels.
• Ball raced front wheels are not permitted.

10. Shells

• Windows must be completely removed as close to original car as possible.
• No window Gussets.
• Roping and gluing of pillars is permitted.
• No unsightly, rude or offensive slogans or gestures on the shells.
• Shells must be in line with the agreed shell list.
• The arches of shells can only be heated, if the shell is narrow, such as the Austin 1100. Excessive heating to slam the car is not permitted.
• There must be a 3mm gap between the shell and the floor

11. Body Mounts

• You may use 2, 3 or 4 body mounts, no more or less.
• These may be of any non-metallic material, not exceeding 10mm in width and must not protrude more than 10mm through the body shell.
• Mardave V10 style mounts may be used. If you use two v10 style mounts, no other shell securing points ie posts can be used, even if u only use 2 one lug v10s.Only 2 V10 mounts can be used to secure the shell to the chassis.
• Only 2 V10 mounts can be used to secure the shell to the chassis. If you are using V10 mounts at the Front and on the top plate, you must remove any rear V10 mount.
• If you are using front and rear V10 mounts, you can keep the bottom part of the V10 on the top plate, provided it is not used to secure the shell
• The bottom part of the V10 must not be doubled up
• If you use the V10, you can use all six mounting points, however may only use four clips/M3 nuts to secure the shell.
• You may use 4 M3 nuts, bolts and washers to secure the shell, rather than body clips.
• Body clips/M3 nuts must not be covered in tape or cable tied together to prevent them coming loose from the body mount.

12. Roof Fin

• The roof fin must be fitted to the roof of the car and must not have sharp edges.
• It must be plastic and no larger than the standard Kamtec roof fin.
• It must have the driver's number clearly visible on both sides.
• It must not be mounted forward of the half way point on the roof.
• No mascots, dummies, cones or bolt on engines etc. on the outside of the body shell.

13. Shell Repairs

• You may use glue sticks, tape, cable ties, plastic/solvent weld with joining plates in conjunction with nuts & bolts as to their full size counterparts for REPAIRS only.
• The above repair methods are allowed anywhere on the INSIDE of the body shell only.
• Neither armouring allowed nor the use of mastic allowed.
• no double skinned body shells

14. Ride Height

• Scrutineers will have a 3mm clearance plate, which your vehicle must run freely over the top of, including the shell. Should it scrape in any way your vehicle will fail scrutineering.
• This is in the interest of protecting the race carpet from damage

15. Ballast and Weights

• Adding extra corner weights or ballast is not permitted.

16. Bumpers

• No internal or external bumpers permitted

17. Servo Savers

• Any type of servo saver permitted.
• A small piece of ABS is allowed behind the servo saver as a servo saver protector.

18. Roof Grades

• The only roof grades to be used on shells at BWS events, roof grade meetings and feature events, are the recognised ones which have been won at BWS clubs.
• It has been agreed that the TIC and Bicester gold roofs will be recognised at all club meetings held at the individual club concerned for the 2014 season. It can be used at other clubs, for their club meetings only, at that clubs race director’s discretion.Thank You for your continued support

Additional club rules at NON RCBWS/ROOKIE banger meetings:
Floating strut brace maybe used
Tic spur gears 46, 48, 50 maybe used
If using a mardave v10 mount you may use 6 clips to keep the shell on the car
Repairing the shell, you are not allowed to cover the outside in tape, it never has been allowed but drivers have lately gone over the top, use it on the inside only.
Shell ride height will also be looked at, if there is any concerns we will deal with them.

Stox nights including rookie bangers, here is a run down of what they are:

Rookie bangers, cars built to the London banger rules you are all used to, mardave v12 banger, manual speed control only, floating strut braces allowed, 4 cells nicad or nimh upto 5000mha cells (though 3700 is more than adequate), shells upto 1600 banger shells, no turning around or stationary hits, no hot rod style shells are allowed, there is a list on the facebook page & the website.

Historic f2 stock cars, mardave v12 chassis, manual or esc speed controller, sealed 27t motors, , 4 cells nicad or nimh upto 5000mha cells (though 3700 is more than adequate),  bumpers fitted front & rear, additional side nerf rails, floating strut brace allowed, shells used are ford model Y, ford pop shell, theses run anti clockwise minimal contact, banger kit can be used for this formula.

Historic Saloon stox, mardave v12 chassis, manual or esc speed controller, sealed 27t motors, 4 cells nicad or nimh upto 5000mha cells (though 3700 is more than adequate),  floating strut brace allowed, bumpers fitted front & rear, pre 70 type body shell including the Austin A60, Triumph 2000, MG Magnette plus many others. Minimal contact.

2 Litre saloon stox, for the more experienced driver, purpose built chassis with bumpers fitted front & rear, chassis material is free, mardave g2 brushed or equivalent sealed 27t motor or equivalent brushless motor maybe used, upto 6 cell nimh batteries or equivalent lipo may be used but must be charged in a suitable lipo charging bag, differential may be used, shells used mainly sierra stock hatch, others must be approved first. Chassis used currently mardave, schumacher, Skippy plus others. Alloy rear pods permitted along with alloy or carbon fibre wishbones. Limited contact.

Brisca drift stock cars, 1/10th shaft driven 4wd cars, cars used are the hpiE10, hsp flying fish, maverick strada, Tamiya tt01, yokomo plus other shaft drive type 4wd chassis. 6 cell nimh, brushed g2 or equivalent sealed 27t motor, foam front bumper, non metallic side rails & rear bumper, brisca type body shell with optional wing, T drift tyres or hpi t drift tyres only no additives. Non contact but rubbing is racing!

Additional formulas as support to banger meetings.

Reliant robins, the three wheelers add fun to any meeting, purpose built 3 wheeled chassis using mardave mini stock or v12 parts, any reliant 3 wheel shell all windows removed as per original car, 4 cell nimh or nicad, sealed 27t or g2 motor, manual or esc (upto £25)  limited contact permitted, a cheap fun formula to support the bangers.

Super stox, based on the brca stock cars with the exception of these being 4 cell nimh or nicad, brushed motor, g2 or sealed equivalent, many chassis available including mardave, arcade/one off models, skint, dp plus many others.

Thank You.